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"Through a combination of fine training, practical experience, and keen instinct, Gael has developed great skill in string lutherie.  Among all of his fine work, I have been particularly pleased with his ability to meet my very discriminating demands with set-up, playability, and sonic adjustments.  He listens carefully to what a player wants, observes intently how one plays, explores thoroughly the capabilities and qualities of the instrument, and then responds in a way that marries his extensive knowledge with the unique requirements and possibilities for each situation.  It is an absolute pleasure to work with Gael and I highly recommend him."

Scott Pingel

Principal Bass, San Francisco Symphony

Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center

Faculty, San Francisco Conservatory of Music

"In the relatively short time Gael spent in the Bay Area, he became an indispensable resource for double bassists -- our loss is truly a gain for France!  He completed a number of significant projects on my old Italian instrument; most recently an eye-catching French polish that truly enhances the beauty of the bass.  Prior to that work, a new fingerboard, bridge, and a great deal of modification on my thirty year old extension. The set-up improved considerably, and the tone of the instrument increased in clarity and projection. I recommend his exceptional work without any reservations."

-Michel Taddei

Principal Bass, San Francisco Chamber Orchestra

Principal Bass, Berkeley Symphony

Former Principal Bass, Lyon Opera Orchestra

"Gael is a meticulous and conscientious luthier. Not only does he do great repairs and setups, but he carefully listens to what the player wants from an instrument, and does his very best to make that happen."

- Jeremy Kurtz-Harris

Principal Bassist, San Diego Symphony

"Gael is one the most knowledgeable and skilled bass repairmen to ever work on my basses. He is passionate about getting the best possible sound out of your instrument and is committed to getting what you need. As an added benefit, he's a player and can really address specifics that make a difference to serious players. Thanks Gael - you are the BEST!"

- John Brown

Director of the Jazz Program, Duke University

"For the last several years I have entrusted the care and maintenance of my 1735 Hornsteiner-Mittenwald double bass to Gael McKeon. He is a craftsman of great thoughtfulness and detail, a luthier of great aesthetics and artistry, and a person of great humility and kindness. His work is absolutely first-rate, and my bass always sounds better after a visit to his shop. That his rates are reasonable is an added plus. Instruments are our children, so to find someone like Gael to care for it is such a comfort and a relief. I recommend Gael McKeon to any bassist who needs work done."

- Scott Faulkner, M.M.

Principal Bassist, Reno Philharmonic 

Principal Bassist, Reno Chamber Orchestra 

Associate Director, Essentials of Orchestra Management seminar, League of American Orchestras

Former Executive Director, Reno Chamber Orchestra

"During his years in Toulouse, Gael was always there when we needed him, and gave his time to do the best job possible. Gael listened, and does not hesitate to explain his work and share his experience. We recommend him.”

                                                                           - Double Bass Section -


                                               Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse

"After two different people recommended him, I took my Juzek bass to Gael McKeon. I was surprised at the tremendous work he did. I will definitely recommend him to all my friends."

- Victor Wooten

"I was introduced to Gael by Scott Pingel, when I presented my Amati double bass copy to them both. Gael’s insight and expertise regarding the set-up of the double bass was invaluable for the final stage of refinement and calibration particular to the instrument. He worked quickly and accurately, in a manner that only comes with years of experience. I felt perfectly comfortable entrusting the bass to him, and Scott and I were both very happy with the outcome. So much so, in fact, that I’ve invited Gael to help me in my double bass building projects here in Europe, as well as those undertaken by W.E. Hill and sons, of which I am co-director."

- Robert Brewer Young

“When I brought my 1865 Guerin bass  to Gaël for a complete restoration, it was in poor condition and cluttered with many old repairs. Gaël drew on all his know-how, took the greatest care and paid the utmost attention to detail in order to return the instrument to its true value, giving it a new life and a much better sound. I was really lucky to benefit from his skills, his listening and his kindness during

his (too short!) stay in France. A big thank you!”

- Bernard Gallone

Bassist/Conductor Moulin Rouge, Paris 

"It has been my pleasure to have Gaël McKeon work on my Prescott Double Bass. He is an

extremely gifted and talented Luthier. His skills are founded in tradition, yet he is not

averse to trying modern techniques. He is able to repair and set up my Prescott to keep it

powerful, while maintaining a dark and rich tone. Gaël has made an exquisite and

extremely functional Low C Extension for my Prescott. It is sturdy and eloquent and, best of all, it plays in tune! The capos are of his own design. They look great, feel good and fit my hand properly."

- John P. Spuller

Principal Double Bass, Greensboro Symphony Orchestra

Principal Double Bass, Carolina Chamber Orchestra  

Instructor of Double Bass, Appalachian State University and Wake Forest University

“Gael’s ability to achieve the best that every instrument has to offer is a rare talent that is not easily found.  I have trusted Gael

with all of my basses for years and I have come to appreciate his excellence in craftsmanship and persistence in matching the playing style of the individual performer to the set-up of the instrument.”

- Bill Ritchen

Bassist, San Francisco Symphony

"Talk about a luthier that goes above and beyond for their customers!  Gael McKeon helped me out with emergency bass repair when I was in a tight situation, and he made a couple adjustments that made my bass sing like never before.  I went back for more extensive set-up work, and I’m thrilled with the playability and tone of my Jakstadt bass after Gael finished working on it.  He’s a dedicated, professional, and responsive luthier. Highly recommended!"

- Jason Heath

International Society of Bassists Board of Directors

Contrabass Conversations Host

“Gael McKeon is one of the very best luthiers I’ve ever had the pleasure to have work on my instruments. He’s a master of his craft, incredibly easy to work with, and a nice guy and great human being too. He built a wonderful extension for one of my basses, did a great job with various other repairs and set-up work, and was super helpful in working with me on string selection and other details to get my instrument set-up as perfectly as possible for me. I can’t recommend him highly enough!”

- Dan Feiszli

San Francisco Hamilton Pit Orchestra, Freelance

"Gael is the most qualified and trusted luthier you could ask for.  I’ve had many instruments repaired by his hands, one of which was in pieces. These instruments come back sounding huge and play perfectly! I’ve also bought a 1930’s German bass from him, which he restored.   I’m always impressed and I can’t say enough about Gael! He’s fair and compassionate with his clients. Gael also is a willing and generous advocate of young musicians in need. Look no further if you want the highest degree of service by someone who truly cares and is a part of the music making community!  Gael is your guy, hands down!"

- Michael Shiono

Fantastic Negrito, Freelance

"I have a 125 year old bass and so it has its issues.  I finally took it to Gael and we had a wonderful discussion about what and how to fix the most tenacious problems of my old one.  Gael presented many options and so we agreed to a plan of action.  When I picked up my bass after Gael's administrations, it was a totally marvelous transformation and at a very fair price.  I was very sad about the news of him moving as it is so hard to find a really good luthier who works on basses and loves them.  I would recommend Gail to any bassist as a top quality craftsman."


- Karen Zimmerman

Santa Rosa Symphony 

"Gael is an extremely gifted luthier with a deep understanding of how to maximize the potential of any double bass, and he possesses an innate ability to see exactly what a player needs from their instrument. I completely trust Gael with any work on my basses, from setups to complex restoration work. Quite simply, he has helped me to make my basses sound their absolute best!"

- Jeff Denson, D.M.A.

International Touring and Recording Artist

Professor - California Jazz Conservatory

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